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Lance R. Pomerantz, 

Attorney at Law
 Lance R. Pomerantz focuses his practice on the questions that arise in land title law. He has personally researched and evaluated the titles to thousands of parcels. In addition, he has testified in high-profile court cases and provided consultation to top-tier law firms and title insurance companies.

    Title disputes on Long Island involve legal complexities seldom, if ever, found elsewhere. Since the arrival of the first European settlers, some or all of Long Island has been under the jurisdiction or control of Native Americans, the British Crown, the New Haven colony in Connecticut, the Dutch Colonial Governors, the New York Colonial Legislature, the U. S. government, New York State and County government, and local towns and villages. The influences of almost every one of them are still felt today.

    In modern times, a highly mobile population, constantly evolving recording systems and a regulatory climate that is always in flux can lead to ambiguities and uncertainties about a landowner's rights and obligations.
    Lance R. Pomerantz helps owners, lenders, and other attorneys understand these rights and protect them to the fullest extent possible under the law.