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Services for Attorneys

    Lance R. Pomerantz provides various services to attorneys handling land title disputes:


    The backbone of our service is the examination of title and preparation of a thorough report. The report incorporates the recorded documents in the chain of title and a detailed discussion of their effect, supplying statutory, case law and regulatory citations in support. In addition, when needed, historical and/or genealogical material from outside the immediate chain of title will be integrated into the analysis. The report frequently helps counsel get a clear understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of their client's case. It is not unusual for the report to be shared with the adversary and form the basis for settlement discussions. 



For those cases that can't be settled, we offer a wide variety of services to make litigation more effective including:

  • preparing affidavits in support of summary judgment motions; 

  • helping counsel prepare for direct and cross examination;

  • consulting on, drafting or editing bench briefs or memoranda of law;

  • consulting on discovery strategy and depositions;

  • identifying weaknesses in the assertions of the opponent's expert;

  • preparing drawings, maps, charts and other visual aids for motions and trials;

  • researching, writing or editing appellate briefs.

A listing of Representative Cases can be seen by clicking here.

References provided upon request.

Expert Testimony:

    Mr. Pomerantz is sought after for his ability to testify at trial. He emphasizes thorough preparation and mastery of detail. He prepares easily-understood diagrams and charts to assist in the presentation of the case. This allows him to remain focused and retain the attention of the fact-finder while defusing the adversary's attempts to confuse or obfuscate the issues. He has gained a reputation for credibility because of his ability to give understandable,  well-thought-out explanations for his findings. In one published case, the court described him, by name, as "an extremely credible witness" who gave "rational explanations for discrepancies." Bistrian Land Corp. vs Pleasants, et al. Suffolk County Supreme Court #23245-2003 (NYLJ October 8, 2008, pg. 28, col. 3). Read a pdf of the decision here (Mr. Pomerantz's testimony is discussed on pages 8-9 & 12-13).


A listing of Representative Cases can be seen by clicking here.

References provided upon request.


    Mr. Pomerantz accepts referrals of land title cases from title insurance companies or other attorneys. In addition, he refers cases out when he determines that a client would be better served by utilizing him as an expert witness. If you would be interested in receiving referrals, please contact Mr. Pomerantz.