Lance R. Pomerantz
Attorney at Law

Land     Title     Law

Services for Owners

Two Types of Service


    If you are involved in a land title dispute, Mr. Pomerantz can provide two different types of service.

    Following the initial investigation, he will advise whether he can better meet your needs as your attorney or as an expert witness. As your attorney, Mr. Pomerantz can represent you in negotiations or litigation with the other party.

    As an expert witness, Mr. Pomerantz will prepare a detailed analysis of the case and testify on your behalf at trial.

    If your interests would be better served by utilizing Mr. Pomerantz as an expert witness, you will need to retain separate counsel to represent you in the lawsuit. This is because the New York Rules of Professional Conduct can prohibit a lawyer from testifying in a case where he is representing one of the parties. You would be free to retain an attorney of your choice. Mr. Pomerantz can also suggest counsel from the network of relationships he has developed over the years.  Regardless of whom you retain, Mr. Pomerantz will work closely with them throughout the litigation process to achieve the best possible result.