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Land     Title     Law

What is "Land Title Law"?

    Despite what many people think, the ownership of land is anything but simple.  The name of this website is intended to emphasize the relationship of the three critical components of real estate ownership and control:

Land:  Land includes not only the surface of the earth, but vegetation, crops and subsurface soil, rock and water. Land is constantly changing, despite human attempts to tame it.
Title: "Title" is the idea that an "owner" has the right to exclude others from a particular parcel of land and to control how it's used. People frequently disagree over who has "title" to a parcel of land, or has the right to make use of it.
Law: Last, but certainly not least, is the idea of law. The law has developed a complex body of rules to decide who owns every parcel of land and can control the use of the land.  The rules themselves are often vague or in conflict with one another!
    Lance R. Pomerantz can help you understand and protect the rights you have under Land Title Law.